About Us

Salvatore’s Gourmet Foods was started in our family’s kitchen around our love of food.  Salvatore spent many years helping his wife Emma cook for their family of nine, seven of those being their children. It was a task not for the faint of heart and it was inspired by love. Salvatore used his wife’s recipe and perfected it into the mouth-watering tomato sauce it is today.

I learned how to make tomato sauce by standing next to Salvatore in the kitchen. It has been a journey filled with laughter, chili pepper, and a whole lot of food. Tomato sauce is our passion and the dinner table is where our family connects every day.
We have been sharing our tomato sauce with family and friends for many years. It is with great pleasure that we wish to extend our family to you so that you can enjoy those wonderful family dinners with us.
Josephine 🌶️

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